Development of ideas
We listen to your ideas and like to know how you want your designs or products to be realised. Your insights are an important input for our work. Wherever possible we complete your ideas and help to solve technical problems.

It is the task for our engineers to transform the first set-up into a professional design. By using sophisticated 3-D software we can visualize the design or parts of it in an early stage of the design process. We like to involve you in the design process by providing you with images and animations during the creation.

  Production drawings
Clear production drawings minimize the risk of production errors. Our engineers convert existing or recently made designs into production drawings. This is done in accordance with the latest international standards. Because of this the product can be manufactured anywhere in the world.

  Manufacturing and support
Ratex also helps you to transform the designs/drawings into a product. On request we will take care of the manufacturing and we will supervise the start-up. For that purpose we cooperate closely with specialised machine-works.

  Test programs
By means of a test program or duration test machines or equipment can be optimised further. Tests are also used to review the feasibility of a design or partial design at an early stage of the design process. You will receive a clear report of all tests carried out by us.

  Exploded views
Exploded views will help you in clarifying the functions or composition of the product. Our engineers make understandable drawings, which can be used directly in your manual or brochure. Frequent applications are assembly guides and operation or maintenance manuals.

  CE documents and manuals
Providing a product with an operationor maintenance manual is a legal requirement. We produce the manuals in an efficient manner. The required information is already taken into account in the flow of documents in an early stage of the design process. In addition we can produce the required CE-documents for you.
We use: